Lake St. Clair & Lake Erie Walleye Fishing:

Rampage Sports Fishing Charters are running 6 and 8 hour charters out of Leamington Ontario for the month of June 2008. Leamington is located on the western basin of Lake Erie. Walleye fishing in Lake Erie last year was phenomenal and we are expecting the same numbers of fish this year the majority of fish will be in the 3 to 5 lbs class. We will be trolling for these fish with shallow diving crank baits off Planner Boards or small Inline Boards can be a very productive way. Another productive method is 2oz Bottom Walkers and bright coloured Worm Harnesses at a very slow troll (1to 1.5 mph). Bright coloured harnesses in chartreuse, firetiger, yellow & black, pink & white are all good colours to entice those 15 to 18 " walleye to bite.

As the season progresses we move to deeper water 14 to 19 feet still using Bottom Walkers and Harnesses, this method produces good numbers of walleyes form all age classes as well as Jumbo Perch, Smallmouth Bass and Musky. As the water temperature rises the fish move to deeper water in the weeds for cover. Another effective way to fish in deeper water is using mini fish discs with a 6 ft lead hooking small spoons to the lead increase your speed to 2.0 to 2.5mph to give the spoon more action.

Lake St. Clair, Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations:

  • Possession limits per full Fishing License Walleye (6), Musky (1) min size 44 ".

  • Two (2) Fishing Rod per license in Lake St. Clair.

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