Testmonials 2010:

Deb & Terry:

Just a line to thank you for a great day yesterday It"s always nice to spend time with friends like Kirby and Nelson especially when we had such gracious host as yourselfs. The walleye fishing was outstanding and Terry I removed the mud line as you suggested and they seem to have a milder taste then usual. They didn't last long after being beer pattered and deep fried, but I have an alterior motif for this email my wife would like the recipe for the baked walleye that you metioned with the parmasian cheese if you would be so kind to email it to us I would certainly appreciate it. Again thank you for such a great day and I look forward to our next charter with you.



Hi Terry and Deb

We had a GREAT day out on the water with you. You are great hosts. I believe it was the best day weatherwise. Our company loved it as well. It was a well needed break for everyone. More walleye would have been a bonus but we surely enjoyed the ones we did catch. Mmmmm!!! We look forward to seeing you next year.

Thanks for the receipt Deb. Enjoy your summer.

Kevin and Donna Selle


Hi, just wanted to thank you two for a great day, have shown the pic's to almost everyone I know,and a few I don't know.....put your brochures at Natural Sports Kitchener and Rainbow sports Waterloo, the two best fishing stores in the area, hope you get some calls, I told both locations how great our day was and the number of fish we got.

Thanks again