Testmonials 2009:

Hi Debbie,

I got the charter gift for Nelson for his birthday. I just want to say thank you very much. The three” muskie” teers had a great day and were very impressed with your skills. He says you really know how to run the boat and Terry can hop all over for the boat in the blink of an eye. Nelson still has a smile on his face. He wants to try Walleye next with you. Have a great summer.

Ev and Nelson


Rampage Sports Fishing Charters

Fishing Charter June 06, 2009

The entire experience started with my wife and I stopping randomly at one of the many sports fishing charter booths at the London Ontario annual boat show. It was simply a coincidence this particular charter company was located across the aisle from a local angling outfitting company I frequent. But in retrospect there was something that made me stop. Maybe it was the look of the booth and the hosts, I’m not sure.

It was not a mistake. Little did we know what was to occur some months into the future.

Nervously and with much skeptisim I began asking a few questions having never been on a fishing charter. The answers were straight forward and simple. This charter guarantees fish or you do not pay. This caught my attention. At least, since I am a boat fanatic, if no fish are willing to participate, at minimum we get to spend a few hours out on the water in a very nice boat.

Of course, no decision was made at this time to proceed, and we left the booth with ample information and a comfortable feeling with the hosts of the charter, Captain Terry and Debbie Van DeWauwer of Rampage Sports Fishing Charters.

Towards the end of February we booked our first charter for Walleye early in June. All of the correspondence with Debbie at Rampage was quick and efficient. All of my questions and concerns were handled with complete satisfaction.

Within minutes of arriving at the marina, our gear was stowed and we were on our way. Roughly one hour later, and while the Captain was still in the process of strategically positioning the gear, fish on. Five hours later, we had to quit. Limits had been satisfied. Our fish ranged from 3 lbs to one at 8 lbs and two others not far behind.

For myself, I cannot speak highly enough of this husband and wife team comprising the Rampage Sports Fishing Charter crew. True professionals with many years of experience who main goal is to provide a memorable experience for their customers. My son and son-in-law were my companions for this excursion and are still talking about it.

And now we can say thanks again to Captain and crew. You may see us again for a Muskie adventure next year. We will look for you at the London Boat Show for 2010.

Best regards
Ken Smith
Jeff Smith
John Roberts


Hi Terry and Debbie.

Thank you for a GREAT day of Muskie fishing abord the Rampage today. We had a fun time, and were thrilled to haul in 10 Muskie, with one being over 51 inches. Terry runs a great charter; we were all amazed at how he worked the lines and the lures all day, ensuring we were using the right tools at the right times. You both worked so hard to ensure we had a great experience. This trip was a fathers day present for our dad; thanks for making it a memorable one.

Best regards,
Jeff Workman


Hi Debbie:

We tried the parmesan chees & breadcrumb oven recipe & it was outstanding. Many thanks for the trip and thank Terry for all his hard work - we really appreciate it & the boys had a great time.