Testmonials 2008:


I would like to thank you and Debbie for a very memorable day on the water a couple of weeks back. It was a real highlight for me to get out and experience this fishery. I have had the opportunity to fish all around North America and you really have something special down there on Lake St Clair. I didn't think a day of musky fishing like the one we experienced was possible!

Your knowledge and professionalism was something only gained through years of experience or great teaching, either way it was certainly a job well done and a day to remember from every aspect of the charter. I hope you can keep up with the requests as your name has come up whenever I have talked fishing to my friends and with a day like we had it is hard to keep from spreading the word. I think Brett still has that smile pasted to his face after you had to "go for the big net" with the monster he brought on board. Keep up the good work and save a spot on the boat for me I will be back.

Tight lines,
Steve May


Hi Terry and Debbie,

I was hoping you could e-mail our pictures from last friday? We all had an excellent time. I have been telling everyone I know about our outing, how much fun it was and how courteous and professional you both were! 51 inches 33 pounds wow! I need the proof! ha ha Take care and thanks again!

been showing off the hat as well).


Hi Terry and Deb

With 23 muskies landed and 30 minutes left in the charter, none of us would have complained if Terry took some time to relax. Instead, he was checking lines, changing lures, and working his butt off right to the very end to get us one more fish. No wonder we were the most successful boat on the water that day."

Thanks to both of you - we had a great day.

Larry Halyk, M.Sc.


Hi Terry and Deb

Here is a copy of the Muskie photo you asked for. As you can see, I needed your help to lift it. It was very special to me because I have only been trying to catch one for over 50 years! Bobby, Geoffrey, Julia & I want to thank you again for a great day. Not only did you deliver 7 muskies ( & one sheephead ) but you also produced four giants, one for each of us. You and Deb are fantastic hosts, work very hard & we are not only looking forward to our next trip but also hoping to get together some evening for some hospitality, a BBQ & reminiscing.

Thanks again
Grant Jones